Toucan Enterprises
About Us
We put the "Fun" in Funnel Cakes!
Mike Davis began his funnel cake career  
in 1985 when he bought his first food con-
cession.   It was a part-time job for the first
5 years, then marrying Linda in 1990 gave
him the partner he needed to boost the
business into full time operation.
With a blended family of all sons, it was a
true "adventure" combining family time
with business all summer long.  Chad
Davis, the oldest of the four boys was 15
when Mike and Linda married.  Younger
brothers were Richard Davis, 13, and
twins Michael & Brian Reaves, 12 years
Make it Pretty!
It took several years before Mike would
trust outside employees with the cooking.  
It's very important to both Mike and Linda
that their funnel cakes are the best in
California.  Linda can be heard telling the
employees to "make it pretty!"   
2005 - ??
Mike and Linda join forces
pushing the business into
full time operation.
Stand #2 is added with
ice cream featured for the
first few years.
Stand #2 is converted into
a funnel cake concession.
Stand #3 is added with
pizza and bageldogs as
the main feature.
Stand #4 is added as an
indoor funnel cake
More growth in the future?
 At this time, four stands
seem plenty, but maybe!
Starting with one food
stand, Mike began selling
funnel cakes part time.
We're Growing!